Blue Flower

An organization's data is extermely valuable for long term well being and success. There are many things that threaten the integrity of data, these include viruses, spam, data corruption just to name a few things.

Creating another layer of protection is a key element of overal network and technology systems design and maintenance. SBR will work with you to identify the major risks and threats, and develop a comprehensive strategy for data protection and security. There are many elements to consider. All relevent items should be place in the forefront of the design and setup to work in harmony.

Backup systems should be implements with off site storage of data. New cloud based backup solutions ensure that daily or even hourly backup of data is stored safely off site, in the cloud. In the even of a disaster, the back up may be easily access and the data restoration process could begin quickly.

Disaster Recovery planning goes beyond data backup.  It speaks to the ability of critical systems to become operational and accessible to user shortly after a disaster. SBR will assist you in developing and maintaining a strategy that will have your technology systems operational within a short period of time. In some cases this will require the setup of cloud based applications including critical business systems such as accounting software, customer databases and others.

Anit virus and anti spam solutions along with content filter systems have become very important in the past few year. Organizations are being bombarded with malware as well as other methods of compromising business technology systems.  in addition to the traditional attacks on organizations, many companies have been hacked and information stolen, while other have been victims to spear phishing attempts using email spoofing.  SBR will work with your to develop stragegies for fighting against these attacks including the implementation of onsite and / or hosted anti virus and anti spam filtering soltions. SBR also recommends the use of encyrpted email solutions to ensure data integrity.  Call us to setup a meeting to discuss your options.