Blue Flower

SBR specialzed in many type of email platforms including many open source platforms. However, we highly recommend the Microsoft Exchange server to many of our larger clients. This server integrates within the Active Directory network and provide scalability and it is rich in features.

With the adavancement in cloud based solutions, SBR is now offering hosted email to many of our clients, especialy hosted Microsoft Exchange email. These solutions are very cost effective and easy to manage, providing our small to mid-sized client a very robust solution at a relatively low cost.

SBR is able to migrate your current email platform to hosted Exchange with great ease. The migration is safe and secure and your date from your current email platform will move to the Exchange server.

Of course, if you business need an onsite Exchange server, SBR is more than happy to build and configure your system, or to upgrade an older Exchange server to the new version. Please call us to discuss the various options, we will help you determine which is the best option for your business.