Blue Flower

New phone systems are essentially computers with a specialized purpose. The communicate with phone servers and use the internet backbone to send and receive digital audio packets. Business phone systems in the past required expensive and specialized systems, requiring a major investment in equipment. Over the past 20 years great inroads were may in the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone systems. These systems are still expensive, however they offered great flexibility and a wider range of features. Systems like Cisco Call Manager, and Shortel among others provided a solid platform for a new breed of phone systems.

Now, there are new solutions for small to mid-sized businesses.  Phone systems (PBX) are now hosted in data centers by companies that are dedicated to providing ongoing support and phone system hosting. SBR has partnered with several hosted phone system (Cloud Based) providers. These systems provide a robust platform, with many great features that rival many expensive solutions. The benefit to our clients includes a fast deployment of new phone, a very low upfront investment, fixed montly costs per line and portable phone numbers.

SBR is able to support all types of VOIP solutions, including the Shortel and Cisco platforms. However, for our small business clients we highly recommend the hosted / cloud based systems for their low overall cost and ease of use. Please contact us to discuss your needs and requirments, and we will be happy to recommend the right phone system for your organization.