Blue Flower

Since our inception, we have specialized in building websites for various types of organizations. There are many different types of websites. There are simple yet eligant sites, made of static pages, that simply introduce your organization to the world.  There are sites with dynamic content, whereby someone within your organization wil be enabled to publish new content on a regular basis. There are also shopping sites, where we would build the eCommerce tools, allowing you to sell your products online. Finally, there are full fledged software applications that are runing on webservers, through internet browsers. SBR has the skill to build any type of website that will empower your organization, and become a powerful tool in your business growth toolbox. The following is our development process.

SBR will first conduct an assessment for the need, including business processes and workflow. From this assessment we are able to develop specifications and requirements that are used as the design roadmap. With close collaboration with our clients we are able to build websites and web applications that will meet and exceed the needs of our clients.

Some of our clients have been organizations using web-based software applications to run and online attendance system for an after school program. We have also built magazines and news websites for independent journalists.  We have built marketing oriented websites with search engine optimization, to help your clients grow their businesses.

Whether you need a simple website, and a major software application, SBR has the skill and the capability to make your vision a reality.